What happened?

When you were a child and imagining what you would be doing when you grew up, was this it? Are you living the life you imagined?

Are you satisfied that your relationships, job and the path you are taking right now will lead you to true happiness?

If you often find yourself asking ‘Is this all there is?’ it’s time to find the you that got lost somewhere along the way; it really is possible to transform where you are now into a life of passion, fulfilment and purpose, and ‘Tina Murray can show you how.

Within each of us is the capacity to change this sense of uncertainty, disillusionment, confusion and overwhelm into a fulfilling, purposeful, self-directed life that brings with it your own unique brand of happiness.

If you are now ready to live your life differently; if you are truly ready to realise your purpose and take your life to the next level, then it’s time to release the barriers that are holding you back so you can create the life you want.


‘Tina’s proven methodologies fast track your personal development so you can embrace change and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving world. ‘Tina’s expertise and keynote presentations are thought provoking, inspirational and transformational for any person who knows that life can be done well and is committed to creating a fulfilling and purposeful life.  Ready to take your life to the next level?


Design You: Let’s Connect, Support, WORKSHOP it! & Lunch to Create the Life YOU Want

You know all too well that life can be done differently with a clear mindset, positive attitude, openness to growth and willingness to explore; why though is it still hard sometimes to move past where you are at?

Do you sometimes say to yourself “is there something I am missing?”  “Why am I so stuck?”

If you are ready to realise your purpose and take your life to the next level, but could do with some support, then join a group of like-minded people as we explore what you can do RIGHT NOW to give you clarity about your purpose and how you CAN create the life you want.

Together, we’ll build a trusting environment and have some fun as we get down to the serious business of defining what a great life looks like for YOU.  Yep, we are all different, and having another’s perspective may just be the catalyst for that ‘aaaha’ moment you have been waiting for.

There will be loads of interaction; opportunities for self-exploration and time to consider how the practical tips we share can be implemented TODAY, to take you from where you are now to where you want to be.

Looking to keep the conversation and growth going? Let’s continue our conversation over lunch in one of the many Camberwell cafes and restaurants close to the Our Place, Melbourne venue.  This is an optional extra with each of us paying our own way. I hope you can stay on to connect over a meal, as this a great opportunity to mingle and explore how we can further assist to #designyou.

If you are authentic and real, passionate about making a difference not only in your life, but for others, join us. Let’s connect and support you to create the life you want.

Book your place now to design you and create the life you know you want to live.

slide-2Whats it about?

In a trusting and intimate environment, ‘Tina uses story, reflection, honesty and simple exercises to guide you towards:

  • Your Purpose: Discovering your unique qualities and motivations that will provide clear direction for you to move towards your life purpose.
  • Your Conviction: A core conviction in your ability to create the life you want that is purposeful, happy and fulfilling.
  • Your Strategy: Strategic skills and tools to accelerate your life from one of fear and feeling stuck to one where you live by design, not by default.

What you get:

  • Half day workshop of growth and discovery in an intimate environment
  • Full support to explore your own unique qualities that will bring clarity about what it is you really want
  • Strategies that will accelerate how you go about designing the life you long for
  • Creation of your own personal life plan that will keep you focussed even when the going gets tough
  • A copy of ‘Tina’s book Design You: Create the Life You Want valued at $19.95
  • Accountability from people who are on a similar journey to you.  We encourage and offer support, inspiration, understanding and assistance as you leave the workshop and continue your Design You journey

What people are saying:

The workshop provided by Tina was sensational in terms of challenging yourself about what is important for you.  Identification of personal values is critical in terms of aligning yourself with the decisions and options that come our way.  Thanks Tina for providing such an enriching workshop.” Stephen

Fantastic course.  Really good tools to explore values and where you are in aspects of your life.  Left feeling empowered and motivated.”  Gemma

Tina has a great gift for helping to tease out helpful ideas that might be brewing just below the surface.  Highly recommend her service.”  Harry

I had a fun morning with some inspiring women and would recommend this to anyone.” Kristyn

Book here for this ticketed event.


Our Place, Melbourne – 949 Burke Road, Camberwell, Victoria

20-30 minute car trip from Melbourne City, with ample parking nearby; 4 minute walk from Camberwell Train Station

Events in Adelaide are being finalised, and ‘Tina can’t wait to reconnect with her hometown! :)


Design You® Workshop Saturday October 7, 10am-1pm, Our Place, Melbourne 
This is a ticketed event. Get your tickets here.
Design You® Workshop Saturday December 9, Our Place, Melbourne

See you there to Design You® in 2017.


Create the Life You Want Meetups

Designed for people ready to accelerate their life to the next level, the Create the Life You Want Meetups are a place of connection, support, growth and understanding for people who know that where they are now is not where they want to be and are ready to do something about it right now!

Every month we’ll explore and share a topic that contributes to our positive growth and a rewarding lifeInspiring guest speakers from all walks of life, will share their insights into what we can do today to create the life we want.

As we continue to encourage and support each other, we’ll gain powerful tools, clarity of purpose and greater self-understanding and discover that the clearer we are about our intentions, the more we walk through life in harmony.

Where and When:

Monthly in Camberwell, Melbourne: Join here to receive Create the Life You Want (Melbourne) event notifications

Every second month in Adelaide, South Australia: Join here to receive Create the Life You Want (Adelaide) event notifications

Come along, let us get to know and grow with you.

Tickets are $5 and throughout 2017, the Design You Meetups have 100% of ticket sales donated to educating kids in Ghana, so feel good that your attendance at a meetup is creating positive change for generations to come.


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