One on One Coaching 

What happened?

When you were a child and imagining what you would be doing when you grew up, was this it?

Are you living the life you envisioned?

Are you satisfied that your relationships, job and the path you are taking right now will lead you to true happiness?

If you often find yourself asking ‘Is this all there is?’ it’s time to get in touch with your own ‘Interior Design’, ignite your personal power and transform where you are now into a life of passion, fulfilment and purpose.

As an Interior Designer, ‘Tina created design solutions specifically for her clients. In your One on One Coaching sessions, you too will have her full attention to create personalised tools unique to your situation.



Together, you will move away from feeling stressed, stretched and stuck, towards where you really want to be.

Coaching sessions are unique and tailored to your own personal and professional needs.

Areas often worked through include:

  • Job satisfaction, Career planning and Direction
  • Finding and following your Purpose
  • Developing self-confidence and belief
  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs and Self-Imposed Restrictions
  • Setting and achieving Personal and Professional Goals
  • Improving Focus, Prioritisation and Organisation
  • Managing Stress
  • Identifying and developing your Interior Strengths
  • Creating Personal Fulfilment
  • Reawakening your Passion
  • Finding and achieving Work-Life Balance

Get in touch with ‘Tina to design the coaching schedule that best suits your time and requirements.

Within each of us is the capacity to change this sense of uncertainty, disillusionment, confusion and overwhelm into a fulfilling, purposeful, self-directed life that brings with it your own unique brand of happiness.

What people are saying:

“Tina is wonderful to deal with.  She really knows how to communicate and talk in a way that makes me feel like I can express anything to her.  She gives me great insight into my actions and helps me with my roadblocks. She truly is amazing at what she does.  Tina helped me after many years of believing I was destined to be single.  She helped me change my beliefs and soon after I met the love of my life! :) ” Steve

“Since starting my journey with you Tina, going through the process of identifying myself, my values, and my needs, I have noticed a significant change in myself – the way I see myself, the way I want my life to be, the things I believe to be of most importance. A weight has been lifted. I am happier, I am confident, I laugh more, I encourage myself to take chances, I trust my gut, I have goals, I have dreams, I know who I am (or at least, I’m still learning) and I know what I need to do to maintain happiness and a sense of accomplishment.”  Zoe

If you are now prepared to live your life differently; if you are truly ready to realise your purpose and take your life to the next level, then get in touch with ‘Tina for the support, guidance and techniques that release those barriers holding you back so you can create the life you know you are meant to lead.