Ghana Field Trip

Love to travel, and want to be part of something bigger?

Join our field trip to Ghana, July 3 – 12, 2018 where we mastermind how international aid can best facilitate lasting change and provide safe sanitary and learning environments for children and their schools.

This is a grassroots experience!

Why education?

‘Tina Murray has travelled extensively around Ghana with a member of the local community and has seen firsthand the desperation that has parents still selling their children into slavery for around $100USD.  During her second trip to this West African nation in 2013, she undertook a homestay with a village elder in Larabanga. Over dinner, he explained how he educated the women in his village, as he believed that women would always teach their children.  It was then that ‘Tina realised the lasting impact that educating just one person can make for generations to come.

‘Tina is now working with local charity, Africa Sunrise Foundation, based in Elmina Ghana, to educate kids in 2 schools – Abundant Grace International and Proud Academy.  It was during deeper conversations with the heads of both of these institutions, that ‘Tina discovered that the basic human necessities of water and toilets were missing from the schools.

Basic Human Rights

In January 2018, thanks to the generosity of Australians, water supply and storage was made available at both schools, but the 840+ students still practice open defecation.  Poor sanitation is linked to transmission of diseases such as cholera, diarrhoea, dysentery, Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Polio.  In 2014, 247 people died in Ghana from Cholera.  It is estimated that 3,600 Ghanaian children die from diarrhoea each year.

In conversations with the schools, ‘Tina has learned that there is a larger role that toilets play in education.  ‘Tina has spoken with 2 of the female teachers, who leave their students to walk or travel to the nearest toilets to change when they are menstruating.  Every time, they have to ask the Headmaster for permission to leave, and then are out of the class for 20 minutes while they make the round trip.

But there is a bigger price paid by the majority of teenage girls.  Many, when menstruating, choose to stay in the privacy of their home where they can use their community toilets.

Staying home 1 week a month, these girls are potentially missing ¼ of their education!

How you can help

This trip to Ghana will have us work with Abundant Grace International and Proud Academy to come up with strategies to provide safe and sanitary conditions for the schools, enabling the girls to return to full time study.  With African Sunrise Foundation, we will scope out additional schools that require water and toilets and begin the process of engaging with the local trades and community on how to best provide these basic human needs.

We will get to know the teachers and kids at Abundant Grace International and Proud Academy Schools.  We will work with them on their current toilet and library projects, assist in the English Speaking classrooms, as well as gaining a deeper appreciation of everyday life in Ghana.

With a greater understanding of Ghanaian life, we can then work with Africa Sunrise Foundation on how to best support the organisation to generate continuous cash flow and continue the good work that they are undertaking.


Anticipated Costs:

Travellers to arrange own airfares, travel insurance, inoculations (Yellow Fever is a requirement; Malaria) & Ghanaian Visa. Visit:

Current Police Checks and Working with Children certificates are required.

Accommodation at Almond Tree Guesthouse ranges from $40-$85AUD per night.  Breakfast included.  Check out their website at

Food – allow $10-$20 AUD a day

Anticipated cost for food and accommodation at the Almond Tree Guesthouse for the 10 days is in the vicinity of $700 – $1000 (less if you share a room) with airfares, insurance, transport, medical expenses and visa extra.

Note: Africa Sunrise Foundation and ‘Tina are not charging any fees for this experience.  We benefit from you sharing with your family and friends at home, your greater understanding of Ghanaian life and the work we are undertaking in that country.

Extracurricular activities:

Opportunity to learn African Drumming and Dancing.

There will be time out to visit the historic Elmina and Cape Coast Castles where African slaves were kept before being transported to the Americas and the Caribbean.

Therapies such as Reiki, Reflexology, Pedicure/ Manicure and Massage available at our accommodation, Almond Tree Guesthouse

Day trip to the Canopy Walk in the Kakum National Park

Extend Your Visit:

Should you wish to see more of Ghana at the beginning or end of your trip, the team at Africa Sunrise Foundation will guide you where ever you wish to go. Let us know your travel needs and we will provide a guide and price tailored to the style of transport and accommodation that you require.

What now?

Ghana is a very friendly country and great for first time travellers to Africa. The people are welcoming, engaging and eager to share their history and love of their country.   You will see firsthand how Ghanaians live; experience their laughter and dance with the locals.

If you are interested in joining us to #MSHinGhana, reach out to ‘Tina and let’s arrange an interview to discuss the details and fit.

Can’t wait to have you join us!

We think you too will be captivated by Ghana and knowing that you are personally making a difference that will impact generations to come.