‘Tina’s proven methodologies fast track your personal development so you can embrace change and innovation in today’s rapidly evolving world. ‘Tina’s expertise and keynote presentations are thought provoking, inspirational and transformational for any person who knows that life can be done well and is committed to creating a fulfilling and purposeful life.  Ready to take your life to the next level?

‘Tina’s Keynote Speech

Become the Architect of Your Life: Take Back Your Control

Stressed? Stretched? Stuck?

On 24th February 2010, ‘Tina Murray was made redundant from her Interior Design job with ONE WEEK’S PAY.

Divorced. Single. A mortgage up to her ears.  No back-up plan! 

That was that day that she chose to stop simply existing and become the Architect of her Own Life.

In this 1 hour interactive talk, ‘Tina will share with you how the Design Processes she has been using for over 30 years, can be used to easily build your own Strategic Personal Brief.

Through storytelling, real life examples, compelling statistics and thought provoking activities, you will develop the tools to create your own Blueprint tailored specifically for your unique aspirations and needs.

Key Takeaways:

  • You are unique and how being aware of your own ‘Interior Design’ can alleviate confusion
  • How you can use your ’50 Year Plan’ to Build the Life that will bring you Happiness
  • You have the power and tools to Design the Life You Want

Book ‘Tina to speak at your next event and be prepared to share a journey towards personal fulfilment and take away a whole new perspective!


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