Melbourne Event:

On July 19, ‘Tina Murray joins WINE, WOMEN & WISDOM

Four vivacious women, ONE STAGE, ONE EVENT!

Don’t miss witnessing these amazing women create a genuine ripple effect impacting on the field of entrepreneurship and personal fulfilment….oh, one more thing… we’ll be serving fine wine and some cheese and snacks.

Wine, Women & Wisdom.  Be prepared to have your mind blown!!!

Book Here and see you there….

Melbourne Workshop just announced.

Many of us come to an age where we start to look back and see bit by bit that we have lost sight of who we are.  Outwardly, life looks pretty good, but internally there’s that rumbling “what happened to me?”

We realise that over the years, work, family, the kids and other commitments have been our priorities – and we don’t regret that! – but our own needs have taken a back seat.  We have lost ourselves in the process.

If you can relate to being stretched to the max and feel like there must be something more, join Dr Gail Crossley-Craven and ‘Tina in this one day workshop in Camberwell, Melbourne.  Take this opportunity to take just one day out to rediscover you. 

Seats are limited, so book here.