Are you a small business looking for strategies and techniques to increase productivity and get the best out of your staff?

Are you investing in your staff, but not seeing results?

Are you losing valuable time and profits due to staff turnover?

For over 30 years, ‘Tina Murray has immersed herself in the design, innovation and management fields, focusing specifically on company culture and its effect on both corporates and individuals.


As a Manager and Buyer for a national department store and in subsequent leadership roles, ‘Tina experienced firsthand the effects of leadership and company culture on workplace innovation and productivity.

With more than 18 years as a practicing Interior Designer in corporate, retail and exhibition design, ‘Tina applied the principles and techniques designers use to create dynamic spaces to implement strong workplace culture, brands that reflect their company vision and values and spaces that influence the way people behave, think, interact and feel.




‘Tina’s design ethos has always been people focused and she calls her understanding of human reaction to spatial cues the “psychology of space”. Her professional speaking and coaching career further develops this human aspect of the workplace.

The processes that designers use to translate complex problems into workable solutions adapt well to the complexities of human interaction. ‘Tina has developed a process that transforms traditional management style into a people focused, innovative, value driven platform that delivers results.


When she was unexpectedly made redundant during the global financial crisis, ‘Tina compiled her wealth of experience in management and workplace planning and culture, along with her personal philosophies around the connections between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to provide a valuable service to small businesses looking to maintain productive and energised staff.

‘Tina now motivates her corporate and professional clients to understand and honour all that makes them truly unique.  She will show you that it is possible to design a workplace culture that draws on your past, utilises the talent that is within and builds your future aspirations, while  supporting your team to create a productive workplace where your people want to be.

Book a consultation  to see if you and ‘Tina ‘fit’, and get ready to engage, motivate and retain your staff, and see the results for your customer engagement and business growth.

Coaching for Your Success

Personal development of staff is critical to your team’s performance and your organisation’s success.  ‘Tina engages in One on One coaching with your team members to enable them to become more self-aware, develop higher Emotional Intelligence and use their strengths to add value to your organisation.

Outcomes include:

  • More self‐aware, engaged and capable team members
  • Enhanced communication skills
  • Developed and effective leadership skills
  • Greater productivity

Benefits include:

  • Clarify core beliefs and their role in the worksplace and influence on behaviour
  • Develop prioritisation, goal setting and delegation techniques to improve job satisfaction and leadership style
  • Define career direction

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