Do you feel lost, directionless, not happy with your life and not sure which way to turn?

In Design You: Create the Life You Want you will learn that it’s possible to create the life you have always wanted by recognising your unique qualities and needs and using this knowledge to be clear about your way forward.

With real stories, practical insights and inspirational quotes, ‘Tina Murray shares easy-to-follow practical tips anyone can apply to find their life purpose and to truly understand:

     why knowing your values and needs are essential when creating the life you want;

      why it’s important to embrace both your strengths and your weaknesses;

       why understanding and defining what motivates you can help unlock your life path;

       the benefits of giving and being grateful;

       how to gain clear insight into what is important for you in your life and career; and

       why you need to always honour your truth.

When Interior Designer ‘Tina Murray’s position was made redundant during the recent Global Financial Crisis, she had an unwavering faith she was on track to a more fulfilling life.  In Design You: Create the Life You Want, ‘Tina shares the knowledge and techniques she used to define her true self and design what she wanted for the next twenty to thirty years of her working life.

In following the simple steps ‘Tina outlines, you too will have a clear understanding of what is needed to achieve personal and professional fulfilment.

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Design You Book


Design You Gift Pack with copy of Design You Book, Journal, Pen + inspirational Message in a Bottle is the perfect gift for anyone facing a challenge and confused about what to do next.  The gift that is designed to keep on giving.

Design You Gift Pack

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