Adelaide Events

About the Create the Life You Want Adelaide Events

Designed for people ready to accelerate their life to the next level, the Create the Life You Want Meetups are a place of connection, support, growth and understanding for people who know that where they are now is not where they want to be and are ready to do something about it right now!

As we continue to encourage and support each other, we’ll gain powerful tools, clarity of purpose and greater self-understanding and discover that the clearer we are about our intentions, the more we walk through life in harmony.


Where and When:

Every second month in Adelaide, South Australia: Join here to receive Create the Life You Want (Adelaide) event notifications

Come along, let us get to know and grow with you.

Tickets are $5 and throughout 2017, the Design You Events have 100% of ticket sales donated to educating kids in Ghana, so feel good that your attendance at a meetup is creating positive change for generations to come.