Giving Back

In 2012 ‘Tina travelled to Ghana, West Africa to undertake charity work with a NGO rescuing, and then educating, children rescued from slavery.

While there, she became friends with local trader Frederick Kennedy, and returned a year later to travel Ghana extensively with him.  ‘Tina chose to travel like a local, with a local, to gain a greater understanding of the wonderful people, culture and history of Ghana.

Over dinner in the remote northern village of Larabunga, the Village Elder explained how he he educated the women in his village, as he believed that women would always teach their children.

This was when ‘Tina realised the lasting impact that educating just one person can make for generations to come.

Today, ‘Tina is  the Ambassador for the Africa Sunrise Foundation – a Non-Governmental Organisation which empowers youth through education by:

  • Allowing access to education for all
  • Providing school environments that are physically safe, with access to sanitary facilities and clean water
  • Improving hygiene, including teaching the health benefits of handwashing
  • Fitting out school canteens so all children can have one substantial meal a day
  • Making books, educational equipment and computers available to all kids and their community
  • Providing educational sponsorship to vulnerable children who are at risk of being sold into hard labour or the sex industry.

Hearing how lack of toilets stops girls of menstruating age from attending school, ‘Tina is raising awareness and donating a portion of the income she earns from her workshops, speaking and coaching engagements to build toilets and eradicate Open Defecation.

‘Tina would love to speak to you about life in Ghana, and the the surprising benefits (beyond health) bringing toilets to the 2 out 0f 5 Ghanaian Schools that currently practice Open Defecation will bring.

Wish to see how ‘Tina links her business purpose with giving back? She talks about it in detail in her interview with Leanne Blaney of the Ignite Your Life Podcast.

Please get in touch with ‘Tina if you would like her to speak to your Organisation or if you can offer your skills, contacts or financial aid to MSH in Ghana.