About ‘Tina

‘Tina Murray has been designing lives for over 30 years.

She uses her skills as a qualified interior designer to create personal growth solutions as a coach, author, podcaster and professional speaker specialising in Change, Innovation and People Management.

When she was unexpectedly made redundant during the Global Financial Crisis, she intrinsically knew that she was on track to a more fulfilling life. More than six years single, with a mortgage and not much else, that night she told her friend, “This is exactly where I am meant to be.”

‘Tina has always been people focused with a keen interest in personal growth and wellbeing. Her wealth of experience in management and workplace planning and culture, combined with her personal philosophies around the connections between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, are shared in her book Design You: Create the Life You Want.

Today, ‘Tina shares her depth of experience in influencing how people behave, think, feel and interact to remind us that we CAN design our own lives and create great places to work through understanding our unique ‘interior’ qualities.

Tina Meetup‘Tina is an avid traveller and resides in Adelaide, Australia. She now motivates her corporate and professional clients to understand and honour all that makes them truly unique, and supports individuals to create their best life in alignment with their values and needs.

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