How I decided to sell up and move interstate in ½ a day

As my house is now on the market and I sell up, ready to move to my hometown of Adelaide after almost 33 years away, I keep hearing from friends and clients, “you are doing exactly what you preach”.

To be honest, I don’t really care what people think, because after all, it is my life, but it is good to hear that others see the alignment between my interior and exterior worlds.  So thank you to those who have shared their encouragements with me.  I appreciate it!  …or are you just happy to be rid of me? LOL.

I made the decision to move and sell in ½ a day.  You should know that I am not by any means at all an impulsive person. – I believe in researching, checking, cross checking and knowing everything I can about a situation before I decide to move forward with it…In this case, that follow up work took me less than a week.

Making  the huge decision to pack up my life in such a short period of time, when I have happily made Melbourne my home for the last 18 years, was possible because I have a very clear understanding of what the life I want looks like for me.  

I know how it feels, the sort of people I want in it, what I value and what is important to me.  When I weighed up my options, a move back ’home’ was the clear winner.

Here’s why I could have such clarity:

  • I have a 50 year purpose (please don’t do the math) and every decision I make comes back to “does this move me closer to my purpose or further away?”
  • I know my values and can tell anyone who asks how the move fits those values
  • I have intimate knowledge of my Physical, Emotional, Financial, Social, Mental, Entertainment and Spiritual needs
  • I am acutely aware of what stresses me, what I will and won’t tolerate and the areas where I need support to Make Stuff Happen
  • I work to my strengths as best as possible
  • I am not too proud to ask for help when I need it
  • After years of knowing myself from the inside out, I trust my decision making
  • I take full responsibility for the choices I had made in the past, and will make into the future; even the bad ones
  • I don’t procrastinate.  If I want to achieve something I will take strategic action to do so.

After making the decision to move home, I spoke to my Financial Advisor, got real estate advice, spoke to associates who were in Adelaide and trawled the internet for information to support my decision.

It was then that I listed the reasons why I should stay in Melbourne, and the reasons for moving back to Adelaide.

Many were practical considerations, some were emotional, but all had at their core, my own core, and what it is I desire to continue creating the life I want.

I teach people how to relieve the monkey chatter, to see through the noise and to make choices in alignment with their interior.  I’d love to help you move on too.

At certain times in our life it is normal to feel stuck.  If you are ready to become the architect in your life and Design You® feel free to check out how personal coaching, attending a Design You workshop or buying the book, will help.  There’s more on my website #designyou