How to Clear your Head

Having choices is a good thing.  Right?

Not according to some of the people I speak with!

Picture this:

You have been with the same company all your working life – 31 years – and have been looking forward to a voluntary retrenchment.

After all that time in the company you know you are going to get a cheque bigger than one you have ever banked before.

Your mind races:

  • “I can take the family on a holiday. After all, I haven’t had a holiday in almost a year.  I deserve this! Time to relaaaaaax.”

  • “I can finally get those renos done on the house that we have put off for years”

  • “Mmmmm, I’m only in my late 40s and with a couple of school kids, I know I need to be cautious with my money now until I get another job. Spoiler!!!!”

  • “Another job? This is my opportunity to do what I really really want!”

And in amongst all the other 50,000 or so thoughts we have a day, many other notions creep in.   The one I hear the most –

“What do I ACTUALLY really, really want?”

I can name countless people who have shared this scenario with me.  When I was made redundant back in 2010, I was given 1 weeks pay, had a mortgage bigger than my house, and had no backup plan.  I didn’t have the opportunity to contemplate the holiday or the renos. Instead I jumped straight into “What do I actually really, really want?”

All my experience working with clients going through change and disruption (you will know EXACTLY what I mean if you have ever renovated!), had taught me that overwhelm doesn’t help one bit. With only 1 weeks’ pay, I knew that if I was ever going to create the life I wanted, I would have to use all my interior resources to stay clear of brain clutter, if I was to move quickly towards building my new life.

Luckily, the processes I learnt as an Interior Designer also gave me the strategies to minimise overwhelm and focus on what I wanted to achieve in every area of my life. Here’s a snapshot of what you can do too:



No interior design project starts without a Brief, outlining what the client wants, who needs to be considered and what structure do we need to work within?  A Brief is personal – I am never designing for me; if you are my client, I am designing for you, your needs and aspirations.

Best way to capture a brief is to write it down.  Get your ideal life plan out of your head and onto a piece of paper. 

We do this for 2 reasons:

  1. The longer thoughts swirl around in our noggin, the more noise is created, ‘til nothing is clear and seeing a way forward is virtually impossible
  2. I see time and time again in my workshops, that until most people say what they want out loud and write it down, they are not aware of what they are really thinking.



Think big picture!  Throw off limitations, and brainstorm what you want to do:

  • Financially
  • Physically
  • Emotionally
  • Mentally
  • Spiritually

The important thing one learns in any training on being creative is don’t judge what comes up, just scribble it down, and once all ideas have been exhausted, hone in on the concepts that may just have some merit. 

Grab them, and explore them further as you think more deeply about what your ideal life will really look like.



Designers create blueprints to give the builder clear directions about what is to be built, where and at what stage of the program;  so literally write your own Plan:

  • To achieve THIS, I need to do THIS, THIS and THAT…
  • Have dates to work towards as you bring your design to life.
  • Have an accountability friend or a coach who can keep you to your own Construction timetable, and remember to reward yourself as you move through each item.

Remember, Builders have RDOs.  Having designated rest days is an important part of the Building Industry’s’ Health and Safety program; so remember to take off your hard hat from time to time, and have some fun as you build the life you want.

Tina Murray become the Architect of Your Life

I know creating the life you want, isn’t easy, but the clearer you are about what you want and your plans to build it, means a whole lot of monkey chatter disappears.  If you are having trouble seeing past the overwhelm, let me help you align your interior needs, wants and values with your future exterior outcomes in a one on one coaching session.  Each session is tailored to you and where you are at right now…and seeing past your current choices to the people, situations and outcomes that you actually really, really want.

At certain times in our life it is normal to feel stuck.  If you are ready to become the architect in your life and Design You® feel free to check out how personal coaching, attending a Design You workshop or buying the book, will help.  There’s more on my website #designyou