Life: Pop on Your Hard Hat

Warning: Big Loud Rant Alert!!!

If I hear one more Guru say that they can solve all your problems, make you rich AND give you the perfect life overnight I am going to jump out of my designer Le Corbusier chaise lounge and scream.



Designing your life is not an instant fix; it is a lifelong process with corridor upon corridor of doors alternatively opening and slamming shut. With windows with amazing views and others with shutters flapping annoyingly in the wind. Some we nail shut ourselves, never to open again, whereas others we try to prop open way longer than we should, as we hold onto the last glimmer of connection with an earlier time.

Think about the time you renovated and how long it took from the first inkling you had that you knew you wanted to make changes, through to when your project was complete. The process probably went something like this:

1.      Thinking to yourself, “I want to make a change”.

2.      “Mmmm. Now, what do I really want?”

3.      “Wow! What a difference those chances will make to the way I function and how I feel.”

4.      I wonder, do I have the time / money / inclination to make the changes I want?

5.      “Yep! I’m going to do it!” Let me write down what I want and engage a draftsperson to help me…

And that’s before you have even brought on board the Chippy or Builder who is actually going to bring your dreams to life.

Every single day we make decisions that affect other areas of our life….and let’s face it, life ‘happens’ to us too, right? But as you can see above, the impetus for real lasting change, one that will bring you closer to what you want, starts from those interior stirrings.

Are you listening?

It’s when you look to your interior, and clean out the cupboards of regrets, failed dreams, aspirations and all those hopes and then draw upon the lessons learned to gain the strength to move forward, that we start to build our own solid foundations.

From there, it is a slow process, of placing one brick on top of the other.

Every. Single. Day.

I’m sorry, even when you have renovated and redesigned, there will be ongoing maintenance. There will always be areas to adjust, things to fix and bridges to mend. Always. The upkeep of your greatest asset – yes that’s you – is a daily process. It’s when you know yourself from the inside out, that you have the blueprint to create a meaningful life, not a perfect one.


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