Embrace Change: Become the Architect of Your Life

Architecture and Design have always been about 2 things for me: change and psychology.

When we realise that we want things to be done differently and are ready to take action, we need to plan and build a life more in alignment with our personal value system and needs. This is when we too become architects – architects of our life.

Change is hard.  Don’t ever believe it isn’t.  Sometimes it is thrust upon us due to unexpected events; sometimes we choose it, but what I see most often is people stumbling into it.

An architect manages change by taking an aspirational brief which outlines their clients’ needs and expectations for the build. They then conceptualise what that end product could look like, before drawing up the plans that communicate their vision to the tradesmen who will bring that vision to life.

Designing You is no different.  It starts with You having a vision of what the life You want looks like.

It begins with You becoming aware of the areas in your life that you truly want to change.  If it’s not broken, don’t fix it; but if you are uncomfortable about where you are, or where it looks like you are heading, it is time to remove the blinkers and delve into what you can do differently.

Have a think about where you are in the following areas of your life:

  • Career
  • Finances
  • Family Life
  • Relationships
  • Romance
  • Personal Growth
  • Wellbeing
  • Body Image
  • Health
  • Relaxation and ‘me’ time
  • Fitness
  • Contribution and Serving Others

Pick one that you really want to make changes in.

Just one.

And explore why you want to make changes.  Believe it or not, this is where the discomfort helps – if you can work out why you feel uncomfortable you are halfway there.  Is it because the way you are acting in this situation isn’t aligned with your idea of who you are and who you want to be?

Are you facing challenges that bring out the worst in you?  Perhaps a bad temper, or recoiling and withdrawing?  If you are reacting in/responding this way, are you ready to face the background story that is keeping you stuck?  It’s a hard one, I know.  Maybe, this insight into my own Achilles Heel will help you to recognise that it is OK to admit to ourselves that we are not perfect?

Now, the fun bit – conceptualising.  Test your beliefs.  Figure out your strengths.  What do you really want?  Who do you need to help you to get there?

Is today the day you face that discomfort and really decide what type of person you want to be?

Architecture and Design have always been about 2 things for me: change and psychology; it’s when we can face them head on that we begin to create the life we really want.

At certain times in our life it is normal to feel stuck.  If you are ready to become the architect in your life and Design You® feel free to check out how personal coaching, attending a Design You workshop or buying the book, will help.  There’s more on my website www.tinamurray.com. #designyou