Awareness – the First step to Becoming the Architect of our Life

Don’t be awake; be aware.

There comes a point in many of our lives where we realise that what we have been doing just isn’t working.  We are in a rut, feel stuck and on that treadmill.  Well, it just keeps a-turning… and turning and turning.  It really is monotony personified, which is OK if it is someone else, but when it is you, well, it’s crap. And confusing.

And endless.

I know, because I have been there.

Like many of the people who attend my workshops and Create the life You Want events, I have had seasons in my life where I just needed to make a change.  I was lucky that my career change and relationship changes happened at different periods in my life.  But for many, the proverbial you-know-what and fan thing happens all at once.  So what then?

For most of us, the situation goes one of 3 ways:

  1. Recognising we are uncomfortable with the situation; putting on a brave face, because too many people are relying on us, think we have our shit together and we can’t let them down. “It will get better.”

  2. Seeing that we are repeating the same mistakes. When we look back, it seems like we are facing the same situations that we faced 10 or so years ago and deeply feeling “I’m not sure what I can do differently”.

  3. Feeling ‘stuck’ and wanting to make changes, but not sure how and where to turn to for help. “Get me out of here!”

The brain ticks over, our thoughts are cloudy and we compare ourselves to all the successful people around us wondering what they know that we don’t.

I’ll let you in on a secret….not one person knows what another person’s life feels like.  I remember the shock expressed by so many friends, colleagues and acquaintances when my marriage broke up because, apparently, we were the “perfect couple”.  Ummm, I believe history shows that we definitely were not.  Great guy, still good friends, but in the end our married life was far from perfect.  I know you know your life isn’t perfect, but neither is anyone else’s; despite how amazing it may looks on the outside.

So what now?  Now that the discomfort of living in discontent is weighing heavily on you, what can you do? Give yourself a pat on the back.  Yep.  I mean it!  Go You, for recognising that there’s something wrong; that you know life can be better, that there is more for you.

I’m not here to say it is going to be easy.  It isn’t.  Crap still happens; we will still get hurt; there is still the potential for us to hurt others, but I celebrate you recognising that you deserve more. (Because you do.)  Your life, is your life.  No one else’s. And what you want and need is different from the wants and needs of every other person you will ever know.

I guess opening a bottle of red to celebrate your awakening is premature, coz it still feels uncomfortable right? I get that, but believe me, I also know that when we choose to become the architect of our own life, it starts with this horrible discomfort, this sense of feeling stuck, this itching to create something different.

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Awakening to our discomfort is the first step to becoming the Architect of our Life


At a point where you want to do something differently, take a deep breath, do something differently (anything!) and let’s start the journey to design You…


At certain times in our life it is normal to feel stuck.  If you are interested in learning more about Design You®, personal coaching, attending a Design You workshop or buying the book, check out my website #designyou