The Secrets to Loving Your Job

Loving your job – for many of us this is easier said than done. Last night we brought together 4 panellists who love their jobs and threw them amongst the engaging and curious people of the Create the Life You Want Melbourne Community.

Our conclusions – that jobs are our vehicle to achieving what we want, and what ‘that’ is, is different for each of us. We agreed it takes awareness of our own needs, wants and values to understand job fit and what it is we truly desire to achieve.

Laura agrees it’s all about balance – she’ll never give up cake and wine :) – but wants to see good-quality, no-gimmick nutritional education become mainstream and accessible.

Panellist and Naturopath, Laura Gale shared that stress is something we will never avoid, and that finding a way to manage our stress is the foundation of our health and wellbeing.

We agreed that humans need connection, and Beauty Therapist Sally Lindsay of Balanced Beauty  shared how connecting with her clients, listening to their stories, sharing their journeys and spoiling them is essential to create the business that she wanted. Her passion: “To make people feel good – I feel good when people feel amazing. This is why I love my job so much. I actually see with my own eyes, people’s mood and energy change from when they walk into the beauty room, to when they leave. And it’s truly a magnificent feeling.”

When asked what she wants, Sally said, “I want everyone to know their own self value, what they truly want and deserve in this lifetime. If we all put out into the universe, what we desire, what we love, what we deserve, how to visualise it and truly believe it. I feel we would all be so much happier!”

Together, we narrowed down what we needed in a job to the following philosophies:
• connection with others
• continual learning
• being appreciated
• achieving personal mastery over what we do
• seeing results
• having a sense of contribution

When we asked Lionel his passion he said “What I’m doing”, and this passion came through in every word he spoke last night

World traveller, Entrepreneur, Businessman and Philanthropist, Lionel Lee shared his 4 Pillars secret to choosing what he does each day. The 4 Pillars are words that connect with what is important for him, and everything he chooses to do, he rates against these 4 words – by and large, if what he is about to do doesn’t tick each of those boxes, he doesn’t do it!

With 36 jobs and counting, Jeremy Limpens isn’t defined by a job title. He tells us to get out of our comfort zone and take risks. He says he has never regretted leaving a job that he was no longer learning in, in fact, usually that is the impetus for him to leave! Check out Jeremy’s amazing career choices in over 15 countries here.

Jeremy’s quote of the night – “I never saw anyone die from leaving a job”

Ultimately, loving your job comes from AWARENESS of what YOU need in the areas highlighted above. If you are not there yet, or know that putting your feet up with a calming tea at the end of a long day will help you work it out, grab one of Laura’s teas and figure out the following:
• your own 4 pillars
• your own stress management strategy
• what you ae going to do right now to make the changes needed to create the life you want

Thankyou Laura, Jeremy, Lionel and Sally for being our awesome panelists and sharing your insights. ❤😁👍🌺, and thanks, as always, to the Melbourne Create the Life You Want group for your contribution, warmth and zest to Create the Life You Want.

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