What is Fulfilment? & What can we do to find it?

That dinner party question “What do you do?” is a doozy isn’t it?

It sees some of us squirm in our seats, as we try and think of ways to make what we do each day sound as fascinating and exciting as everyone else’s Facebook and Instagram posts.

Others deflect the question with a “oh just….blah, blah…nothing special”.

Then there are those whose eyes light up!  They love their career and are following their purpose and their passion and enthusiasm just oozes through their every word and action as they take centre stage.

Who would you rather be around?

Who do you want to hear more from?

Which one are you?

Often when I meet people and they discover that I am an Interior Designer I get the response “wow!  I’ve always wanted to be an interior designer”. Seriously, there’s lots of people out there who want to be designers – who would have thought?

Invariably though, the questions turn to curtains and throw rugs, which I can tell you very little about (…that is more Interior Decoration).  You see, Interior Design connects with me because it uses my creativity, as well as my systematic approach that is essential for project management.  I am fascinated by people and what makes them tick.

Workplace and retail design, where we have (not always measurable) outcomes arising from how we design the space to reach the client’s various needs and business drivers, is why I went into this.   Many projects run for well over a year, and I love that I am able to build relationships with my clients.  With over 20 years as an Interior Designer, I am still in touch with clients from some of my earliest jobs.

Since I was made redundant in 2010, I have decided to cut back my Interior Design work as I focus on my speaking, workshops, book and meetups.  I am using the same skills I use in ID; I’ve just repurposed them to build new relationships and create new outcomes for my clients.

But this isn’t about me, it’s about you.

If you are not really connecting with what you do every day, how can you redesign your own ‘interior’ strengths, talents and passions into creating a life that ticks all the boxes for you?

It comes down to what you want which is encapsulated by these 3 basic truths:

  • Understanding your Purpose – you have to believe in what you are doing
  • Creating meaningful Connection – you have to like and trust the people and culture you are in
  • Reaching Contentment – what you are doing intrinsically identifies with and satisfies your values and needs



  • Happiness arises when Purpose and Contentment align = when our ‘why’ (Purpose) connects with our interior needs (Contentment)
  • We Serve when we can genuinely build upon our need for Connection with a belief that what we are doing has Purpose
  • We find our Tribe, when Connections we make meld with others with the same values and needs (Contentment)


The common thread in all these needs is YOU!

The most valuable lesson I learnt when I was made redundant and chose to redesign my life was that in the end, everything comes down to me and my ‘interior’ needs.

To create the life you want, look first to gain clarity around your own ‘interior’ needs, strengths, talents and passions, then Purpose, Connection and Contentment will follow.

Let’s chat further.  I’d love to hear how you are going about creating the life you want.  Feel free to comment below, or connect with me offline at connect@tinamurray.com.

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